Gloria Dei Church, Philadelphia, PA



Gloria Dei Church, Philadelphia, PA


In the 17th century Swedish settlers landed on the banks of the Delaware River establishing churches in Wilmington, Tinicum and by the mid-17th century in Wicaco outside of what would become Philadelphia. That latter church, Gloria Dei, is Pennsylvania’s oldest congregation. The existing church was built between 1698 and 1700 and originally served a Swedish Lutheran congregation. The church today is part of the Episcopal Diocese and a national historic site. Archival records scanned as part of this project include vestry minutes, registers, financial, correspondence between the original Swedish parishes and the churches in Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey as well as their "miscellaneous records."


Gloria Dei

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Archivium Americanum contains a history of correspondence between the different Swedish Parishes and Churches of Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey. Specific Parishes mentioned: Wicaco Parish of Philadelphia (Gloria Dei Church also known as Old…

Funeral Records 1822-1927, contains all funerals performed at Gloria Dei Church. Each listing contains the following information: date of death, name, age, cause of death, and occupation. Records past 1870 were not scanned.

Baptismal Records (1804-1878) list baptisms conducted at Gloria Dei Church from 1804-1878. Each entry includes the date of baptism, name of the person(s) receiving baptism, the parent(s) names, and other information pertaining to the person(s) being…

Includes all funerals performed at Gloria Dei Church between 1803-1816. Each funeral listing contains date of funeral ceremony, name of deceased, age, and cause or circumstances surrounding death.

Bound manuscript "Marriage Records 1791-1822" includes marriages performed in chronological order at Gloria Dei Church. Each entry includes the following information: marriage ceremony date, names of individuals marrying, places of origin or…

Bound manuscript lists marriages chronologically by date including the names of those being married, ages, parents' names and neighborhoods or places of origin.

Bound manuscript "Marriage Records (1799-1856) at Gloria Dei Church lists marriages in chronological sequence including names of those being married, parents' names, and place of origin or residence.

Bound manuscript of "Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials, 1750-1789" contains only marriages and baptisms, despite its name. Marriage listings are ordered chronologically by year, month, and date. Each listing includes the maiden name of each…

Records Miscellaneous (1636-1760) contains historical information in both Swedish and English regarding land transactions between the natives and the anglosaxon religious community in the greater Philadelphia area and records of marriages, baptisms,…

Framed parchment signed by William Penn, Governor of Pennsylvania, granting citizenship to Andrew Rudman, one of the earliest rectors of Gloria Dei.

Bound manuscript of "Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials, 1793-1795 records the Register of Baptisms Nov. 1st 1789-April 1795, Burials from October 1793-March 23 1795, and the Marriages from Nov. 1789-October 8th 1793. Baptismal listings include the…

Records Miscellaneous (1750-1789) bound volume contains baptismal, marriage, and burial records along with historical church records. The bound manuscript is in English and Swedish.

Bound manuscript records the information found on tombstones in the Gloria Dei Church Yard. Short description of deceased individuals date of death, birth year, occupation, and any related or surviving individuals.

Vestry Minutes (1765-1840) contains the charter of the United Swedish Lutheran Churches: Gloria Dei, St. James Kingsessing, & Upper Merion Christ Church. Vestry minutes include meeting dates and transactions of business conducted by members of the…
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